Trident Protection Group is Colorado’s premier security firm on the Front Range.

On-Site Security

We offer day and night shift armed and unarmed security for any type of location ranging from government facilities to private businesses. Let us protect what is important to you.

Executive Protection

Trident Protection Group understands that there is a growing need for for executive protection in the Colorado Front Range. We can fully support high threat protection operations with complete flexibility and scalability for the needs of the Client. We have the very best and highest trained personnel in the region. All Executive Protection Teammates have a military and or law enforcement background.

Event Security

Colorado has more events than anywhere in the world. From concerts to races, from sporting events to large gatherings we can support these events and ensure our Client has a fun, safe and secure event.

Consult and Corporate Security Planning

Trident Protection Groups Security experts have decades of security experience at every level in every sector. We can help the Client create security solutions for their business or organization. We can assist with Human Resource concerns, active shooter and emergency plans, trespassing and harassment issues, high threat travel planning to simply name a few examples.

Training Cadre

Trident’s Training Cadre are industry leaders in training Security Specialists in fundamental and advanced security skill sets. In addition to training our own staff, we can train organizations as well as private individuals in topics such as pistol, concealed carry, unarmed self defense, TCCC – Trauma Care and First Aid.