Armed Security

The Firewatch service is becoming one of the fastest growing areas of the security industry. These Guards are typically armed. Having a security professional on site dedicated to your facility is a strong deterrent to criminal activity and gives the client peace of mind. Some businesses are at higher risk for break in and robbery due to the high street value of merchandise. We firmly believe that some businesses need to have around the clock security. During business hours, our guards can check in customers, validate credentials, enforce client/company procedures and policies. Mitigate issues with unwanted people trying to gain entry to the property, and if need be contact law enforcement. For existing Trident Fire and Security Clients, our guard will be issued a tablet which will allow them to monitor all cameras in real time, at no additional cost to the client. Our Guards are dressed professionally, with identifiable credentials, will be well trained with firearms exceeding state and municipal standards. In addition to professionalism and training, having a respectful attitude and tone is required at all times. It is proven that treating all people with respect often solves issues the fastest.

We understand that our guards are not one of your employees, but are an asset to your company, therefore the guard will be cognizant of their role within your facility while developing courteous and healthy relationships with the employees.
In these types of assignments, supervisors will randomly spotcheck guards to ensure quality of work, and client satisfaction. Your Security is Our Mission.