Asset Transfer

With our Armed Asset Protection Services, we only provide the very best. Like all services we offer, each contract is tailored to the client’s needs. The Chief Operating Officer for Trident Protection Group will meet with the clients personally to discuss, assess and plan these operations.

What the Client will receive is an experienced, highly trained, well equipped and professional security team to protect and transport what’s valuable to you from point A to point B. These operations are classified in nature due to potential criminal threat level being increased, and the high value of assets involved. All matters pertaining to transport Operations are strictly compartmentalized between the client, security team and management directly involved with the service. All Trident Protection Group Team Members assigned will be stringently vetted, trained and will have either a military, overseas private security contractor and or law enforcement background.

All planning for these operations will be conducted securely by experienced former military operations planners. All Trident Protection Group Team Members will sign non disclosure agreements prior to assignment. Your Security is our Mission.