Executive Protection

There are a multitude of reasons for hiring an executive protection service. In an ever changing world, individuals and groups can at times act irrationally and violently. This can pose a risk to public figures, business executives, political figures etc. Our Law Enforcement Officers can’t’ be everywhere at once, therefore a higher level of security may at times be required. Sometimes proximity and a split second can make all the difference. Our Executive Protection Services can be either high visibility similar to law enforcement, or low visibility operations where the focus is to blend in to the environment or activity of the principal in a way that people may not even be aware there are armed security professionals protecting the (principal) Client. Any TPG staff assigned to these teams will be highly trained, equipped and experienced security professionals with military/law enforcement background.

Our staff offer completely separate security consultations for personnel, sites, homes business’s etc, to fully assess the current security measures, and identify potential hazards, threats and gaps. Upon completion, a full written report – with pictures and graphics (if needed) and recommendations will be provided to the client.  This will give the client an objective and neutral security assessment, recommended improvements and multiple courses of action that can then be implemented by the client. TPG can also do anonymous security assessments/spot checks for business owners and supervisors to ensure quality control and compliance.