Security Services that Scale With You

Our Patrol Guard Service’s are area specific, this allows the guard to respond to your property within minutes in the event of an alarm. Each night the patrol guard will have a designated route and your property will be added to the patrol route as a checkpoint. At each checkpoint the guard will physically observe your property to your specification and needs. This will include checking doors and gates are secure, observing areas that are out of common sight or camera view (dead spaces), checking any specific objects of value outside the property such as equipment or vehicles. Once the area has been secured, the guard will annotate any findings via our computerized patrol software. This gives us real time reporting, and documenting specific time and location of the guards actions. If the client has an alarm service, we will coordinate alarm response directly from the alarm company to the guard, therefore giving the client a rapid response to investigate with a minimal fee. Once the Guard investigates, he or she can quickly determine if it is a false alarm, or if there is a need to call emergency services to respond. In addition to adding another layer of security to your facility, it offers a cost savings to the client, as false alarm responses by Law Enforcement and Fire Departments typically come with fees or financial penalties that dramatically increase due to frequency.

In the event something is out of place, the guard will document the concern, contact supervision and mitigate the issue. If there is any sign of criminal activity, law enforcement as well as supervision will be notified immediately. Patrol routes and times will change nightly, this method is proven to disrupt potential criminal activity. If the client wishes our guard to visit the property at a specific time, then we will accommodate that. Your Security is our Mission.